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Long Sleeve Shirt


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Save your money on screen printing

Our prices are based upon the number of ink colors in design (art) that is printed in each location. Each color used in a design cost more to screen print. A one color design is the cheapest then a 2 color design.

The number of locations on a garment increased the cost. A two location print cost more than a 1 location print.

The size of the design does not affect the price. A small left chest print cost the same to print as a large full size print.

The total number of shirts makes a bid difference in the prices you are charges. The more shirts you can buy the cheaper they are.

White or Light color garments are easiest to print on and it's cheaper to buy White or Light colors garments.

Our Art prices are also charged based upon the number of colors in the design. The more colors used in the design the harder the art is to work with.

Best to buy for your money:
Light color of garments. 1 main location with 2-4 colors. 1 additional location print with 1-3 colors.


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Free design for School and Churches with an order.
We provide free Simple Art for schools, churches, teams.
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